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I’ve spent a massive amount of time on the newest social media shiny object CLUBHOUSE over the last 43 days, and when I’ve been asked what my thoughts are on Clubhouse, the first thing I say every time is….

Honestly, it feels weird even typing that out, as I’m an early adopter and evangelist for the power of social media. …

Telling stories is central to what we do as keynote speakers. It draws us to our audience and makes what we teach and deliver within our keynote presentations memorable.

With the rise of virtual presentations, that crucial emotional connection has become harder to sustain and yet it’s even more important. While at the same time, the future of virtual innovations such as augmented reality and virtual reality are all about reinventing how we convey virtual emotion.

As we focus on the hybrid event future we must also rethink every aspect of our virtual presentations and the role technology plays…

No matter what you call it “pivoting to virtual” or “forced to work from home on video,” the one thing that won’t work is merely doing the SAME thing we do offline just virtually!

That is what causes content shock and adds noise to the already noisy world. We can all think of painful recent examples where a 60-minute zoom calls with one person talking into the camera puts us to sleep. The webinar that shares slides in full screen with a robotic voice speaking to us as though we can’t read what’s on the slides ourselves.

Here’s the…

Interactive virtual presentations, interactive virtual events, interactive webinars. Interactive democratic and republic virtual conventions…

We’ve all heard it. I don’t care if you’re a speaker, you’re an event, organizer or even if you’ve attended a webinar or a virtual event of virtual learning, everyone is pitching how interactive their event or experience is.

But the real thing they want is the presentation not to SUCK. So the question I’ve been asking when someone tells me they want something interactive is:

Which software to use for launching a virtual event is by far the most popular question I’ve received over the last four months. Although I do I have a report on the 70+ virtual event platforms I reviewed coming out this month; there isn’t an easy answer.

My big focus has been breaking down each software into categories, but it event still it can get confusing, especially the group of LIVE STREAMING SOFTWARE.

The solution you pick will often be determined by your unique scenario, which is why I created a full post on my favorite platforms by scenarios…

Virtual Event producers tend to get caught up in things like technology and speakers and getting attendees to sign-up…

So much so that they tend to forget about the piece that brings everything together and no it’s not the theme or the branding. Not only does this role keep a digital event on track, but it also encourages people to attend, interact, and stay engaged. All of which are invaluable.

This video will not be a popular one amongst my keynote speaker peers but I believe the value of virtual events is dependent on the utilization of this role and…

White Privilege Exists!

White Supremacy Exists!

Our System is Rigged!

Yes, that was uncomfortable for me to write and admit as a 38-year-old white male of privilege. But if getting uncomfortable and having uncomfortable conversations about race with my fellow white friends of privilege is what it will take to stop the injustices happening in the world than isn’t that truly the least we can do!

The Black Lives Matter movement is about calling out historical and current racism making it clear it’s no longer ok to protect or prioritize white lives over any other!

The only path to a…

Live streaming video has exploded during these times much like it did in 2014 but what is it’s role in virtual events and how do we know when to use it versus pre-recorded video.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Live streaming took the world by storm in 2015, and I for one was a major fan! I helped deploy live streaming initiatives for companies like IBM, the Superbowl and SAP. For a while, live streaming was my go-to strategy.

In the video above Brian uses Prezi Video to live on Facebook Live.

Brian answers the 9…

by Dale Fanzo (My Dad)

What have we learned these past forty-two days?

Hunkered down and now its May.

Looking back, we shake our head

Stay at home our President said.

No, this cannot be true and sometimes we cry

Cannot believe what we see through these eyes.

Our daily business was put on hold

From youngsters and to the old

It was like groundhog day reenacted

Every day was the same not proactive.

Daily walks trying to make time fly

Cannot believe what we see through these eyes.

Memories we all must share as days go by

Staying strong we say but it's ok…

YouTube Video
YouTube Video

I’ve never been one to look at media companies or the top 1% of innovators for examples on how to transform or change. Because let’s face it, most of us don’t have the budgets, brand recognition or resources.

But with the first-ever virtual NFL draft, an exception should be made as not only can we learn from how the NFL, ESPN, and The Walt Disney Co embraced this pivot, but we can replicate what they did on very reasonable budgets.

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