Aspects of ADHD that I had NO idea were Impacting Every Aspect of My Adult Life!

It’s #ADHDawarenessMonth or, better yet, #ADHDacceptanceMonth. I felt like this aspect of my story could relate and be extremely helpful for so many, especially those late diagnosed.
It was 9 years ago this month that I was diagnosed with #ADHD. I was 31 years old focused on designing a life that would allow us to welcome our 3rd daughter and today I’m 40 working to better understand my own brain.

Although I’ve been very vocal about it since that day, my understanding of its impact on my life and working to better understand my dyslexia tendencies have only happened in the last 36 months.

Over those 36 months, I started taking notes of things I’ve discovered through other creators, ADHD conversations on social media, and collaborations with ADHD coaches linked to my ADHD.

ADHD comes in different shades but can include:

  • * Time blindness: difficulty prioritizing it, measuring how much time a given task will take and planning around that time.
  • * Hyperfocus: engrossed in something that we can become unaware of anything else around them.
  • * Chronic disorganization
  • * Struggle to accept Critical feedback
  • * Acting without much consideration for the consequences
  • * Interrupting people (impulsive don’t want to forget what we have to say)
  • * Tough time keeping up friends
  • * Language processing limitations
  • * Impulsive and lack of self-control
  • * Restlessness and Anxiety feeling like our internal motor won’t shut off.
  • * Everything is overdramatic
  • * Over apologizing coming across as insecure
  • * Feel shame in oversharing
  • * Desire and need to be a people pleaser
  • * Cleaning avoidance
  • * All or nothing mindset
  • * Addictive personality habits
  • * Struggle to take pride in what we do as we grew up feeling broken.
  • * Financial insecurities
  • * Difficulty remembering to pay bills and how much money they have
  • * Frequent mood swings
  • * Lack of attention to detail when writing in regards to Capitalization, punctuation and basic sentence structure
  • * Problems following through and completing tasks
  • * Avoidance tendencies around difficult conversations or topics that might seem small to others
  • * Trouble in relationships or being seen as uncaring or irresponsible
  • * Accountability shifting and lack of self-discipline

This list doesn’t mean everyone with #ADHD or struggling with #MentalHealth has these same symptoms especially with ADHD there are many different “shades of ADHD”

I created this Flipboard Magazine that lists 198+ blog posts I’ve read of the years that have helped me to better understand both my ADHD and mental health.

I share all of this because I WISH I understood all of the different things that were impacted by my brain working differently than most…

So for those that are struggling or those that are fully aware of their Mental Health journey I feel it’s important to not only normalize mental health but also EVERYTHING impacted by those of us struggling with mental health deal with.

This is connected to my ultimate goal in life and what I hope one day to dedicate my entire platform to and that is to….



When we shift our mindset from what is stopping us to what we can do with what makes us unique, our vulnerabilities become our superPOWERS!

Let’s work harder at UNDERSTANDING each other and judge less!

  • Cheers Fanzo

Feel free to check out my latest focus on removing this stigma around mental health as I launch my $ADHD Creator Coin:




Digital Futurist — Keynote Speaker — Virtual Event Producer _ Host #FOMOFanz Podcast — at New Podcast: #PressTheDamnButton

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Brian Fanzo iSocialFanz

Brian Fanzo iSocialFanz

Digital Futurist — Keynote Speaker — Virtual Event Producer _ Host #FOMOFanz Podcast — at New Podcast: #PressTheDamnButton

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