We must get Comfortable being Uncomfortable while being Loudly Anti-Racist!

White Privilege Exists!

White Supremacy Exists!

Our System is Rigged!

Yes, that was uncomfortable for me to write and admit as a 38-year-old white male of privilege. But if getting uncomfortable and having uncomfortable conversations about race with my fellow white friends of privilege is what it will take to stop the injustices happening in the world than isn’t that truly the least we can do!

The Black Lives Matter movement is about calling out historical and current racism making it clear it’s no longer ok to protect or prioritize white lives over any other!

The only path to a world where all lives truly matter is by stepping up as an ally and accomplice for Black Lives Matter!

✅ Listen More

✅ Educate Yourself

✅ Examine Your Own Actions

✅ Making Growing a Priority

❌ But DON’T stay silent,

❌ Don’t tell yourself lies that make you feel ok for not speaking out and for avoiding uncomfortable conversations!

By not speaking out, you are not only ignoring the problem — you are making it worse!

Being passive in the face of racism is not a neutral position!

We have been blessed to live without the burden of racism and it is up to us to use our privilege and our voice to support those that have shouldered that burden for far too long!

It’s not enough to be against racism


There is so much I have to learn and work that I personally have to do but I believe we can do that together while also avoiding the lazy desire to be silent!

I created a Flipboard magazine titled “Anti-Racism” where I will be adding posts that I find valuable daily and would be happy to add anyone else that wants to be an admin and contribute to the resource.

Here are a couple of powerful Medium posts that really hit home for me recently as well:

by Jared Angaza

by Jessica Garrison

by Jyotsna Jayaram

by Corinne Shutack

Lastly, if you are less a reader and someone that wants to be educated via documentaries I recommend checking out 13 on Netflix as well as watching #BaltimoreRising & #SayHerName on HBOMax!

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